Our Commitment

Our commitment is to provide top-quality French-to-English and English-to-French translation and editing services quickly and for a reasonable price.

Thanks to the talent and know-how of our team, our clients are convinced that they are reading a text that has been written in their own language, not translated from the other. This not only makes the reading experience more enjoyable, but also minimizes possible misunderstandings.

Our clients’ mandates are always sent to the same team, consisting of a translator and a reviser. We try whenever possible to “twin” our translators with our clients so that they thoroughly understand your business and learn your corporate language. This guarantees consistency in style and uniformity. In this way, we acquire in-depth knowledge of the terminology used by each client and thus protect the “terminological personality” of their organization.

All of this is carried out with the utmost confidentiality.

Translation vs. Adaption

In our opinion, an excellent translation is the adaptation of a text. This means that we take into account the regionalisms and linguistic references of the target audience, while being very faithful to the content of the text.

A text adapted in English or French reads as if it had been written in that language.