Our Team

Mark is the head bloke and a perfectionist. He ensures that the quality of the texts delivered is up to the standards of our prestigious clients. His background in journalism means he automatically checks and doublechecks the content. That’s the Daly-Dallaire added value.
Isabelle is in charge of business management, development, staffing and communications. She likes to boil lobsters in her spare time.
Josée co-ordinates our mandates. She is our frontline contact with out clients and serves as a valuable office-management resource.
Julien is a full-time cégep student in graphic design who works part-time at Daly-Dallaire, serving as webmaster and graphic designer.
Snow is our mascot. He sleeps and eats and doesn’t care if the hand holding the bowl belongs to an anglophone or a francophone. His calm Labrador Retriever demeanour ensures that we remain calm in the face of incessant “super urgences.”